International Initiatives

ArtProjects and Solutions designs and delivers international initiatives that give artists, arts managers and curators the opportunity to develop and gather new perspectives and ideas in new environments. We have worked with Arts Council England, British Council Offices and Foreign Ministries on ambitious and life changing exchange projects. Most of our projects have an international dimension allowing us to engage and build our global networks.

‘We simply couldn’t force what we saw to fit into our Westernised frameworks, and this is what was so challenging and interesting.’

I’m not sure I can think of any better way of getting to know the variety of perspectives and practices in the crafts scene across England than to spend time like this looking outside of the confines of our own country and the opportunity to engage together in making sense of what we saw abroad.’

‘The visit was hugely inspirational. I’m always thinking about Brazil now. It’s shifted my consciousness, whatever projects I’m developing.’